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Atheist Underground

Feb 1, 2020

Too much to eat at Satan's Village for the holidays;  we have leftovers! 

On this Sidetrack:

CoS v ST  Church of Satan was first, but Satanic Temple gets the headlines these days

The Fall Guy  The original Super-villain's true origin story 

Plus More!


Dec 23, 2019

Fuck Santa... we're going to Satan's Village for the holidays this year!

In Satan's Village:

Random Rider:   Madd Maxx tells his story

The Devil Down Under  Max Townsend explains the origins of the Church of Satan

Hellmos Underworld  Nicholi on Science guests with the 9 Satanic Statements

The Magister  Bill M tells us...

Dec 10, 2019

In our never-ending quest to uncover every kind of secularist, everywhere, we examine that rarest of chimera...the Pro-Life Atheist!  Plus some gab from Femberg that we couldn't just leave on the cutting room floor.

On this Sidetrack:

Pro-Life Atheist  Activist Laura Picallo explains her particular point of view.  Visit...

Nov 26, 2019

The train rolls into one of our favorite stops...where women rule!

In Femberg: 

Random Rider:  Nancy E just couldn't buy the bullshit. 

Lilith! The legend of the lost goddess lingers.

Church-Ladies:  The panel decides if women are to blame for church-going.

Group Creep:  What's it like to navigate the sausage-fest of...

Oct 26, 2019

Sometimes, the train gets sidetracked on the way to the next stop, by something we just can't ignore...


This time on Sidetracked!:


Dirty Money:  A local government awards taxpayer money to Fundy Christian Bigot Group!

Clean Money: A 1950 $10 bill that conspicuously lacks a certain obnoxious addition...