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Atheist Underground

Dec 25, 2018

In Solstice Village:

Random Rider - Surprise celebrity appearance!

Godless Gab - How does an atheist spend the holidays?

Weather Jesus - From the North Pole!

The Limericists - A filthy holiday poem...from Sir Hugo and the gang!

Sister Josephine - The Secular Nun..with advice for the season.

Hellmo's 12 Days of...

Nov 24, 2018

If only we had a reason for the stupid shit that goes on.  If only we had a government guided by reason.  If only it were still the Age of Reason.  Give us One reason to stay get the gist.

In Reasonville:

Random Rider  Sandra is leaving the country!

Kavanaughty  What's the reason they wanted this asshole so...

Oct 27, 2018

The train pulls into the cynical suburb of Doubtington, where everything is suspect...Check your own naivete levels with a trip through the town where folks just don't believe shit, even their own long held assumptions...

In Doubtington:

Random Rider: Sharon just couldn't buy it.

Group Gripe: What's the first thing...

Sep 16, 2018

The all-Hispanic stop!  The group discusses a potential Mexican president, Weather Jesus checks in from Mexico City, and HAFREE founder and America's top Latin Atheist rides the train!... All this plus Jason and Rob's snark spicing up the news...

In Los Datos:

Random Rider: A Latino atheist tells his story.

Group Gripe:...

Aug 2, 2018

Is "Freethought" a viable term for the movement?  

In Freethinker Falls:

Masterpiece cake cluster-fuck

More dead-ass atheists

Hellmo's ABC's of Faith

Sir Hugo Presents The Limericists

plus... Secular News and Events!