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Atheist Underground

Apr 22, 2018

The train arrives in Rational City to talk to Dr. Stephen Law, who disproves God!  Now that's rational!  Also, the final chapter of the circumcision story, Missing Pieces.  Sir Hugo unveils some anti-religious dirty limerick and Jo-Jo has the news as always....

In Rational City:

Brew City Breakdown

Rob and Jason wrap up the event that saw Aron Ra on a bed of nails, and try to define rationalism.

Law of the Universe

Oxford philosopher Dr. Stephen Law disproves Yahweh, and explains why we should teach kids philosophy at an early age.

The Limericists

Sir Hugo introduces a fine poem by Malcolm XXX.

Third Rail

Missing Pieces: Circumcision in America, Part III - The Shaft.

plus....Secular News and Events